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The literal meaning of Yoga in Vedic Sanskrit is to "unite or combine" the human body in all discipline whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually. Yoga is a great form of meditation and exercise. It makes your mind happy while shaping your body to have more energy. To keep your mind, body and soul inline yogic meditation has been found as a great practice since ancient times. It is basically helps to release you from stressful life.

Rishikesh Placed in Hilly Mountain surrounded by River Ganga that flows all through year and different Mountains. Best spot for yoga & meditation practice. Various ashrams and temples of ancient time are found here. Various tourists visit this place to view natural beauty of Himalayas and those who are admirers of peaceful and pleasant places surely make their visit again.

Teacher Training Course : Our Yoga Teacher Training course is based on multi-style yoga format, we teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Kundalini Yoga, , Yoga-Nidra, Pranayama, Kriya, Anatomy and Meditaion. Our aim is to give good exposure of Traditional and modern yoga to our students , so they can learn all types of yoga and teach better in Future. Rishikesh Yoga School focus on each and every student so our class size is limited not more then 10 students per batch. Our 200 hour yoga teacher training start from 7th of every month and end with 4th of next month, all courses are certified with yoga alliance USA. Our course is developed to immerse students within the intensive and religious teachings and practices of yoga - focusing on respiration, consciousness, meditation and Practical philosophy that can assist you dwell a much less worrying, contented each day life. You will achieve knowledgeable yoga instructor's qualification acknowledged by Yoga Alliance USA. This course, and the qualification you will gain, will provide you with the skills and expertise to start out instructing yoga professionally. Even in case you are not fascinated about teaching yoga, the course will show you how to to lead a more healthy and more spiritual life in accordance along with your true nature. We are recognized by Yoga Alliance within the USA as RYS (Registered Yoga School) .

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

Our 200hrs yoga ttc covers the eight limbs of Patanjali yoga sutra, Anatomy and physiology of yoga, Its Philosophy Pranayam, yoga Nidra, concentration meditation practice and kudilini yoga. One month intense course is designed to train the aspirant yoga teachers to spread such sacred and humanistic art of living all over the world. In this program we have included the brief knowledge of the yogic science which covers the all sphere of yogic practice.  This four weeks intensive programs starts with first Weeks’s slow and mild physical asana practice and in first week we commence  the session  all the segments of the deep yogic practice such as primary series of Pranayam and dynamic and energetic Astanga vinaysa  primary series. This first week is to know more of physical stage and get to know the physical movents, gland, joints and muscular activity. In Pranayama Its more of basic breathing practice which prepares  an aspirant teacher for mental concentration  and meditational practice. In second week we move further with the anatomical and physiological aspect of asana and its deep understanding. Along with philosophic dimension we dive into the mental and spiritual sphere, to try to know the sacred emotional and energy realm in human body. In this week itself we conduct the kundilini Yoga and chakra meditation to enhance the understanding level of consciousness.  Whole yogic journey consciousness is the key point which needs to assimilate. In fourth and last week we revise the activity and study done in previous weeks and aspirant teacher’s evaluation is done subsequently. At the end of   this week teaching methodology and aspirant teacher’s classes are conducted followed by certification of the students.

Course Details : 1: Hatha Yoga 2: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 3: Kundalini Yoga 4: Meditations 5: Pranayama Read More

300 Hour Teacher Training Course

The aspirants who have already been practice for a long time and wish to  advance their practice so that they can teach some advance students  so we have designed the course for them 300hrds TTC. After knowing the basic of yoga practice one need to know the physiological and psychological and spiritual benefits of yogic practice. This is possible by the practice of some advance study as the training must be under an experience and well qualifies teacher. In this particular coursed we have brought advance practice of Asna such as Hatha and Astanga Vinysa Intermediate series
We in  RiShikul Yogshala offer 300hrs TTC for those who have complete their 200hrs and advance their practice for teacher in others of make themselves more know legible and under table the yogic practice. Like 200hrd we have both aspect and facet of yogic practice here physical as well as mental but in this particular session of one and half month we cater more intellectual, psychological and philosophical side of yogic practice. Here also we offer certain physical san lesson but more focused I lied on adjustment, alignment and its physiological anatomical benefits. In this we dig more in the depth of the impact of the certain yogic practice in the path of yogic eternal journey. Read More

500 Hour Teacher Training Course

We offer 500hrs yoga TTC in Rishikul Yogshala. This course is designed for those aspirant teachers who have completed three intermediate 300hrs TTC. In this course an aspirant teachers comes to know all those aspect of yoga which is quite essential to become an advance yoga teachers. In this course we focus on balance of entire yoga sphere like physical movement, mental approach and spiritual culmination. 
Our 500hrs yoga TTC in Rishikul Yogshala to provide the complete knowledge of all form of yoga to meet the standards of yoga alliance. The curriculum of the course has been sighed to full the need of the aspirant teachers who wish to be master of this sacred and old traditional art. Our rigorous and intensive course will develop the depth of the learning and sharpen the knowledge of the aspirant students in terms of adjustment and alignment. This course will ensure your growth as an inspiring and confident yoga teacher who can light the insight of other yogic practitioner. Read More


  • Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

    Rishikul Yogshala's Advanced Yoga Studies and Trainer Training Program is meant for yoga practitioners who search an understanding and inside expertise of the standard and genuine elements of yoga.

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    Pokhara is one of the best destination for yoga and meditation in Nepal, Pokhara is surrounded with Himalaya's' snow peaks, green valleys, lakes & the Seti river.

  • Ashtanga Teacher Training

    Breathing is the main concept of Astanga Vinyasa. This asans synchronize the body and mind. Having control between these two things can enlighten the human soul.

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour (Yoga Alliance USA) 2014
7 Feb to 4 March Rishikesh(India) 7 Aug to 4 Sep Rishikesh(India)
7 March to 4 April Rishikesh(India) 7 Sep to 4 Oct Nepal Pokhara
7 April to 4 May Nepal Pokhara 7 Oct to 4 Nov Rishikesh(India)
7 May to 4 June Rishikesh(India) 7 Nov to 4 Dec Rishikesh(India)
7 June to 4 July Rishikesh(India) 7 Dec to 4 Jan Rishikesh(India)
7 July to 4 Aug Rishikesh(India) 7 Jan to 4 Feb Rishikesh(India)